VS provides integrated health and fitness services through a professional and scientific approach.

Professional Coaching

VS coaches help you train smarter, save time, and achieve your goals quicker.

Progress Reports

Using advanced software through Training Peaks, VS will help you develop a training plan, track your training, and analyze your workout data.

Next Steps

  • Contact your Vitality Sport coach.
  • Share your goals, background, and experience.
  • Your coach will then contact you to discuss your goals and a training plan that will help you accomplish them.
  • Get A Coach

    You need a coach that customizes every aspect of your training plan to your individual needs, goals, and physiology. Your coach at Vitality Sport has the knowledge and experience to help you maximize your unique potential.

  • Personalize Your Plan

    Using data from fitness evaluations, Vitality Sport integrates many variables into a customized training program for you. Unlike many other coaches and training plans that use “cookie-cutter” methodologies, VS gives you the individualized attention you need.

  • Track Your Progress

    Using Training Peaks software, your coach will actively engage you in the process of identifying patterns indicative of physiological improvement. In other words, you will learn how your body responds to your training and how to quantify whether you are on track to meet your goals!

  • Reap The Rewards

    Experience the satisfaction of reaching your goals and having the tools to build on your winning formula.

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